Tulsa drone
Power washing

a new and innovative way to clean your property

We offer a new and innovative way to clean your property using advanced drone technology. Our powerwashing drones are equipped with high-pressure water jets that can clean hard-to-reach surfaces such as rooftops, walls, and windows. With our service, you can have a cleaner and more presentable property without the hassle of traditional cleaning methods.

What Our Tulsa Power Washing Drones Clean




Hard-to-Reach Exteriors

Multi-Story Buildings



Hard-to-Reach Exteriors


Patios/ Decks

Siding & Houses

Oklahoma's only Power-Washing Drone!

Our power-washing drone helps our cleaning team take care of tall structures and multi-story buildings without the use of ladders or scaffolding, making it safer for our technicians, while saving our customers time and money. From icons like the Tulsa Driller or Catoosa Blue Whale to 10-story buildings in the heart of downtown, our drone can handle it all.

Tulsa Drone Pressure Washing

What you can expect

Exceptional Service

From quote to completion, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. You can expect easy scheduling, clear communication, and punctual service from our team. That's the Oklahoma standard.


The safety of our team and our customers is always our first priority. We are fully insured to provide safe service and peace of mind.

Unbeatable Results

We have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure exceptional results. Our team will use the most effective cleaning techniques to remove dirt and grime while protecting your property.

Wash Away Dirt & Grime

Tulsa Drone Power Washing

Trust the Pros.
Call power washing of TULSA.

Sure you can rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store and do it yourself, but it won’t compare to what we can offer.

Your traditional pressure washer isn’t going to have the power to reach your second-story windows and siding, nor will you be able to hit all the right angles while you’re on the ground.

Our power-washing drone utilizes 4,000 PSI and 8 gallons of water per minute to deliver optimal results in less time. Our biodegradable cleaning solutions and scrubbing tools eliminate dirt, moss, and algae with ease. Get your home or business looking picture perfect when you call the professional team at Power Washing of Tulsa. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Devon is committed to providing a quality service every time and is dedicated to building true relationships with his customers! Highly recommend partnering with Power Washing of Tulsa.

Devon takes pride in doing a great job! He has great customer service and he's very detail oriented. You won't be disappointed!!!

Great people, great price, awesome service. Highly recommend to all in-town and out-of-town.

Great service and competitive pricing!!! Highly Recommend.

Devon is a hard-working, fair, and honest young man. His attention to detail and customer satisfaction are important to him which is rare these days. Highly recommend!

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