Oklahoma’s Only Power Washing Drone Now Available in Tulsa

At Power Washing of Tulsa, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking power washing drone, an innovation set to transform the way exterior cleaning is approached in Oklahoma. As the sole operator of a power washing drone in the state, we are proud to offer our clients unparalleled efficiency, safety, and effectiveness in their cleaning projects.

Designed specifically for buildings exceeding three stories, our power washing drone delivers exceptional cleaning precision and speed. With a remarkable coverage rate of 400 square feet per minute, it swiftly and effectively revitalizes a wide range of exterior surfaces, including concrete walls, brick facades, vinyl sidings, and even glass windows.

What sets our power washing drone apart is its utilization of a soft wash system, ensuring optimal cleaning results while preserving the integrity of the surfaces being treated. By employing a specialized solution and deionized water, we guarantee streak-free window cleaning, adding to the overall appeal and shine of your building.

Aside from its unmatched cleaning capabilities, our power washing drone offers additional advantages that set us apart from traditional methods. By eliminating the need for lifts and scaffolds, we significantly reduce liability concerns, making the cleaning process safer for both our technicians and clients. Furthermore, the setup time for the power washing drone is a mere 10 minutes, allowing us to promptly and efficiently serve our clients’ needs.

With an impressive effectiveness rate of 95%, our power washing drone surpasses traditional window and exterior cleaning methods, ensuring outstanding results every time. What’s more, our innovative technology enables cost savings of 10-15% compared to conventional cleaning projects, making our services an attractive option for businesses seeking both efficiency and affordability.

“Our power washing drone is a true game changer in the industry. Its unmatched capabilities enable us to provide our clients with unprecedented efficiency, remarkable results, and unwavering safety,” says Devon Johnson, Owner-Operator at Power Washing of Tulsa. 

“We are proud to introduce this groundbreaking technology to Oklahoma, revolutionizing the way exterior cleaning is approached.”

Power Washing of Tulsa’s power washing drone is particularly well-suited for buildings with high-pitched roofs and complex architectural designs. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, we set a new standard for quality, speed, and safety in the industry.

If you are seeking a professional power washing service that delivers outstanding results, efficiency, and unparalleled safety, look no further than Power Washing of Tulsa. With our innovative power washing drone, we guarantee an elevated cleaning experience that will exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our power washing drone and how it can transform the cleanliness and appearance of your building.

Get in touch with Power Washing of Tulsa now to schedule a consultation and experience the future of exterior cleaning!

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